"The future years will never know
the seething hell and the black infernal background of
countless scenes and interiors...
the real war will never get in the books"
- Walt Whitman


Thank you for taking a moment and stopping at my publishing website. While first and foremost the site is a platform for the books which I have written or edited, but I hope the site grows beyond such limited purpose. In the future I expect to add to this site book reviews of lesser-known titles, articles of particular interest, Civil War road trips and links to other less traveled sites. The study of the American Civil War has always been a passion of mine. Growing up in the border state of Delaware, my interest was piqued at an early age by trips to nearby Gettysburg. While always carrying a special interest in the 1st Delaware, in October 2012 I decided to take the leap and put pen to paper; what reader's are left with is my first orginal work entitled They Fought for the Union: A History of the First Delaware in the Army of the Potomac. The regimental history is expected to be released by the end of the 1st Quarter 2016. I have a fond interest of the first generation of regimental histories written by the actual participants. While dated and sometimes stale, oftentimes self-serving, these works continue to serve as a beacon to us more than 150 years later. While they shouldn't be blindly followed and taken at face value; they should not be dismissed. My first edited work was released in January 2015 and is a first-person account of the original adjutant of the 1st Delaware, William Penn Seville. I called the derivative of Seville's work William Penn Seville's History of the First Delaware Volunteers. But enough said about me. I hope you enjoy your stay at my site and please return. If anyone would like to reach out to me for book ideas, or comes across some old, dusty tome just waiting to be updated in a twenty-first century format, please drop me a note.

Now Available

Now Available

Available Summer 2016

They Fought for the Union: A History of the First Delaware Volunteers in the Army of the Potomac


by Jeffrey R. Biggs

Released May 2016

William Penn Seville's History of the First Delaware Volunteers


by William P. Seville

ed. Jeffrey R. Biggs

Released January 2015

Frederick Wilde's  Civil War Memoirs


A 1914 memoir of a private who served with little distinction in the Baltimore Light Artillery. An honest and unvarnished assessment of the reality of the life of an eighteen year-old artillerist in the Federal army.




Largely forgotten in post-Civil War memory, They Fought for the Union revisits these Border State soldiers through a wealth of untapped sources, personal accounts, and soldier's diaries while alway placing these conflicted soldiers into the larger context of the Army of the Potomac's struggles in the Eastern Theater of the war. From the original recruitment as a three-month regiment to the end of the conflict four years later, the author's candid retelling of these extraordinary and oftentimes flawed men is riveting.



In the winter of 1884, nearly twenty years after the close of the Civil War, surviving members of the First Delaware Regiment Association requested that its original adjutant, William Seville, prepare a brief history of the regiment's exploits in the late war.


This revised edition of the original work, while maintaing the dialouge and prose of the original work, adds context by adding new voices to the work from other soldier's letters, diaries and accounts fo the battles as they experienced it. New content uncovered during research on this fascinating regiment has been added in the form of footnotes and appendices.



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