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Jeffrey R. Biggs is a lifelong Delawarean with a passionate interest in all things related to the American Civil War. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Wilmington University, Jeff Biggs edited William Seville's History of the 1st Delaware Volunteers (originally published in 1884) and issued his first original work in 2016 entitled They Fought for the Union: A History of the First Delaware Volunteers in the Army of the Potomac. He has also had articles published in Gettysburg Magazine. He works in the insurance field in Philadelphia and lives in Middletown, Delaware with his wife and son.

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A little bit about myself.....

First of all - I would like to thank you for stopping at my  small  publishing site. It's always a pleasure of mine to meet like minded people interested in American history - especially those obsessed with the mid-19th Century tragedy of the Civil War.  Reading a book is an investment, both in time and resources. Before shelling out some hard-earned coinage for one of my books, I think you should know a little bit about me and my one-man publishing empire I call Belli Civilis Press (thats Latin for Civil War).


I was born a century and a year after the close of the war, ten years after the final veterans passed on. Some may ask what value is there in studying the Civil War after some 150 some odd years have passed. Can there be anything new and insightful learned that writers like Bruce Catton, Shelby Foote, Bell Irvin Wiley, Allan Nevins and James McPherson not uncovered? I say a resoundingly YES and so do the hundreds of writers today putting out fresh, new and insightful works dedicated to re-examining commonly held notions previously chiseled in stone. The meaning of equality in society, the role of government, state's rights, the legacy of slavery, battlefield tactics and leadership. these are all still very relevant issues we struggle with in the 21st Century.  The Civil War still matters as long as there is unfinished work to do in our republic. We as a people aren't perfect - but what makes Americans unique is that we have an uncanny ability to try to make ourselves better even at the cost of thousands of lives.  To me, that is why the study of the Civil War is important.


Belli Civilis Press grew out of a deep-rooted desire to write on the topic I find most worthy of the effort. My first step into the publishing world was a tepid one, a cautious toe in the familiar waters of the First Delaware Volunteers. It's a topic I have spent the last four years researching which culminated in my first original work i published in May 2016 (They Fought for the Union). While I amassed a small treasure trove of primary accounts, I was struck by the flowery regimental history of the first adjutant of the regiment. As a companion to the original work, I edited the 1884 work of William Seville, updated with modern fonts and footnotes. Both works are available at Amazon.


My plans for 2017 include the re-issue of a wonderful account of the Civil War experiences of Fred Wild who served with little distinction for the Union cause in the Baltimore Light Artillery. I am tentatively calling the work Round the Campfire: The Civil War Memoirs of Private Fred Wild. I am excited about getting this work into the hands of the modern public.


But enough about myself. Keep reading. Keep arguing. Keep writing. As long as there remains unfinished work in our Country, the study of the Civil War remains alive.


Jeff Biggs, September 2016, Middletown, Delaware